Heyo, thanks for looking into my work !
Please read through my Terms of Service if you're interested for a commission.
Please fill the Gform when available to contact me about a quote, I won't answer wild quotes anymore, thank you !For any question not "quote related", you can ask directly on my social medias, on my discord server, or by email (hugyourplush[at]gmail.com) !

Commission Infos

• Commissions are open 4 times per year, and will stay open until all my slots are taken !
• I'll choose projects I want to do the most. If I don't have enough commissions like this, then it'll be first come first served method.
• Please read my TOS before any request, by commissioning me, you agree to them.
• The prices shown in this table are the starting prices. They'll increase according to the difficulty of the character and materials needed.

MonthSlots availability
JanuaryApril - May - June
AprilJuly - August - September
JulyOctober - November - December
OctoberJanuary - February - March

If you want to estimate a plush price, the average plush price in 2023 from January to August is 1698€, and most of them were Medium/Hard difficulty ones, ~60cm.

SizeVery EasyEasyMediumHardVery Hard
~45cm - 18"300€500€700€1000€1400€
~60cm - 24"500€700€900€1200€1600€
~80cm - 32"800€1000€1200€1500€1900€
~1 meter - 40"1200€1500€1700€2000€2400€






About me - Kaerura

I’m Kaerura, 28, French Baguette, and I’ve been making plushies since June 2018 !I learned to sew by myself only because I wanted to make my own plushies. I used to do Papercraft and Fimo figurines, but I’d rather work on fur balls !Making plushies was a hobby, but I’m doing it as a full-time job since 2021 !


What I am paying for ?

I make the plush from scratch, which means I have to design it from the pattern to the end of the handmade process.
During the process, I send regular pictures of the progress of my work.
It is possible to modify some minor details (within reasonable limits), but if it is a more complex part, I will require an extra fee (time and money are involved for each step).
It is therefore important to have good references so that my work can come as close as possible.
However, don't forget that I'm not a robot, so I'm not able to reproduce your plush character in a perfectly identical way.

Plush Fabrication Steps
Creating the new pattern
Test all or part of the pattern if necessary
Make modifications to the pattern if necessary
Create the embroidery files
Embroider the pieces on the fabric
Trace and cut the pattern pieces on the fabric
Create Photoshop files if sublimation is needed
Print Photoshop files on the fabric if needed
Sew the pieces together, by hand and/or on the sewing machine
Add an armature if needed
Stuff the sewn plush
Check the overall quality of the plush
Take pictures of the plush

Could you lower the plush price ?

I’m going to be firm on this : no.We shouldn’t have to say this as an artist, but my prices are non-negotiable.
The creation of a plush takes time and money for the material, it doesn’t invent itself.
Between taxes and material, I only get about 50% of the final price of a plush. I have to make enough money to be able to live and pay my rent, food, etc...If the plush doesn’t fit your budget, that’s life.
All you have to do is say « Thanks for the information », it will be more than enough !

what is the best way to pay for a tip ?

You can use my Ko-fi page for tips !Tips aren't mandatory at all, but they help me a lot in my daily life, and I'll always be extremely grateful for that !They can let me to buy the cat food that my 4 cats need, or to buy material for personal plush projects !

Does the plush come from a healthy environment ?(cigarette, animals)

I don’t smoke, and people invited to my house are not allowed to smoke there.However, I do have 4 hairballs more commonly known as « Cats », and even with a cloth remaining inside a closet, I regularly find myself with hair in the cloth.Please be careful in case you are allergic to cats then !

Are these plushies made for children ?

It is important to clarify that this is not the case.There are European standards for toys, and I make Handmade Collectible Plushies, not toys.
So I do not make plushies for babies and children, only for ages 18+.
You can cuddle your plushies, but I am not responsible if this cuddly plush is given to a small child and not a single part comes off.

I want to make my own plushies,
how should I Start ?

You can follow this incredible Beginner Plushmaking Guide made by NazFX !Everything you need to know is here !

Terms of Service

Please read through my Terms of Service, you will automatically agree to this upon paying your invoice.

What can I do ?

I can doI can't do
Pok-monRobots / Humans / Humanoïd forms
DigimonClothes / Shooes
MH monstersDisney
Not realistic AnimalsOverly complex characters
OC that belongs to the commissionnerGravity defying plushies
Other (fruits, ...)NSFW / Gore

About commissions

• Any Plush purchased from me may not be used for commercial use without permission. You may display and use your plush for non-commercial use.
• These are Hand-Sewn products and not made for Children or Animals, I am not responsible for any tearing or breaking in that case. I try to make my plushies as sturdy as possible with multiple layers of stitching around finer details, and always use heavy duty thread for hand sewn parts.
• You MUST be 18 years or older to order a plush from me, this is for insurance and legal reasons, please do not try to get around this, I would accept commissions for under 18 if I could.
• You must not replicate the pattern used on your plush especially for sales.
• I reserve the right to reject any commission request, I will reply with why it was rejected and if there is a way to fix it.
• As soon as you pay your invoice I will be purchasing materials for the plush so please be 100% sure when ordering you can afford to do so.
• I will send you work-in-progress images during the plush conception, you must point out at either of these stages what (if any) changes need to be made. Once a part is finished (head, body, paws, ...), I can not edit the plush anymore without asking you extra.
• I may post any commission work on my social media for advertisement purposes, they will not be included in paid ads or re-sold.
• I do my best to reach the size you'd want, but I can't be totally accurate about it.
• I tend to do them a bit bigger to be sure it's not smaller, but I can't do over 1 meter for shipping reasons.
• You may not sell any of my plushies for a profit, do not commission me if this is your intention.

Prices informations

• All my prices are in Euros (€).
• Prices for plushies does include shipping fees. More info on the Shipping section below.
• Base prices are for plushies made with minky and machine embroidered head.
• When I give you a price quote, this estimate is valid for 6 months.

What will counts for the plush total price :
Minky colors if the plush needs more than 2
Faux fur (short, long, ...)
Stripes, dots, ...
Claws and spikes
Tail, ears, wings, ...
Plates with foam inside
Plastic Armature
Other material (velcro, zipper, ...)
Starting price of each size and category includes :
Simple head embroideries
2 minky colors for the entire plush
Thread sculpting if needed
Shipping fees with tracking and insurance (max. 1000€)

Pricing guide

• Each plush is unique, so base prices are a bare minimum estimation to help you know how much you may need for a plush.
• I made this guide with Pok-mon and other monsters/animals in mind. Remember that I don’t make human plushies, I really don’t like to do them.
• I work mostly with minky fabric. If another fabric is needed, such as faux fur, a supplement to the pricing may be added.
• Prices added for complex embroidery, colors etc... are calculated with both material needed and the time it will cost me to do everything. More colors equals more work !
• The size in cm represents the height or width of the plush, depending on which is bigger. It can happen that the plush is slightly bigger than expected, but I do my best not to let the opposite happen.
• Accessories could be made, but are in extra, need to be discussed case-by-case.
• Small color accents doesn’t count in the global color count.

Plush conception time

• Depending on the complexity of the plush, my current requests, and my motivation, a plush can take a week as well as several months to complete.
• I’ll complete each commissionned plush the order I decide to do it.
• I won’t be able to accept any deadline.
• I won't send any plush during December month. A plush with a slot on December will be send around mid-January.

Commission payment

• I only accept Paypal. Payments are done via Paypal invoices.
• You will have 7 days after you received the Paypal invoice before payment needs to be paid, otherwise I will cancel your commission.
• I start the plush once it is fully paid for.
• I'll prefer if you save money and pay all in once, so I don't do payment plans. It's also a bit annoying to deal with when I have to do my own taxes each month.
• I will ask you around 1 week before if you are still in for your commission, before sending the invoice the 1st of the month of your slot. Once paid, if you must cancel your commission, please be aware that 50% of the plush amount is non-refundable. If I have started on your commission already, refund is not possible anymore.


• Shipping fees are included on the price quote.
• Mails and packages are always sent with tracking. I do not offer untracked mailing.
• I will notify you once I ship your plush, and give you the tracking number.
• From the moment I entrust the package to Laposte, I am not responsible for what may happen to it during the delivery. There is therefore no refund possible from my side.
• The shipping charges don't include any possible import duties, customs fees, taxes and similar surcharges that may apply in any country. I have no control over those and they will be the entire responsibility of the person placing the order.